Monday, 15 April 2013

Lazy Monday afternoon .....

Lazy Monday Afternoon .....

At least it was when I started writing this blogpost, but since then I have struggled to get the photos to show the right way round and in messing about lost the whole post - very frustrating - I have no idea about the workings of this blog posting affair so its all very hit and miss and that is exactly what I did just now!!  All lost in the ether - oh well - I'll try again.  Perhaps it is a bit mad with me for keep changing my blog name - had you noticed?

I really just wanted to tell you about the great weekend that I had !!   On Saturday I drove 7 of us to the Stamp and Scrapbooking Show at Ally Pally.  Jill was my co-driver and helped keep me on the right route - in fact I think we may still have been going around the M25 if she had not kept reminding me where to go.  It only took about half and hour, we arrived early enough to avoid the parking police and could park in the top car park - bliss!!  We had a great time and spent lots of money!  Here are photos of my purchases -  some a little skew-whiff as I cannot seem to re-orientate them - you'll just have to turn your head a little if they are the wrong way round!!

the paints I love - just had to have some more ...

See they just want to lay on their side!!

And now I cannot get out of centred!!  I had headed to the Paperartsy booth first, as they have lots of bits I love and need.  Luckily Mark gave me one of the pin badges with a new Lynne  Perrella image on - very honoured indeed.  I bought some other bits there too ...

And then I visited some other stands, and here are photos of the rest of the bits I bought .. (you may notice some  more PA bits ..)

Oops the middle one is upside down too - cannot see a way to rotate it here and so just tilt your head a little if that helps!!

I know everyone thinks I come home and put the stuff away and never look at it again - well honestly I try not to, so on Sunday morning I made these

Embossed using Stampin' Up white embossing powder - just love the chalk board look which is about everywhere at the moment and then by chance this weeks UKS challenge was to do a black and white layout of something everyday so I did this 

Miss 15 then asked if she could go to Ally Pally so I gave it 10 seconds worth of thought and loaded the kids in the car and off we went again!!  The boys went ice skating there, and we wandered around a much less crowded show than yesterday.  It was much nicer actually being able to wander in and out of the stands, and watch the demos - we were only there for a couple of hours but it was very relaxing.  I ended up watching Leonie off C&C - she was demo-ing the Ranger Melt Pot for the Creative Expressions stand.  Watched her for ages, she was so patient and chatted to everyone and stood up for photos etc - and so enthusiastic all of the time.  I was very impressed.  She gave me some of the samples which are gorgeous, and of course you have guessed it, I invested in a melt pot!!  The organiser had to tell her to stop demoing as it was way past closing time!!

So home we came and now I have to find my UTEE so I can play with it!!!

Thanks for reading this farxxx


  1. Oh Pauline what are you like?! You will have such fun playing with your new things - looking forward to seeing what you make.
    I love your chalk board effect prints. Really effective! And it looks really great on this card. So glad I bought these stamps or I'd be turning a shade of green right now!

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